What’s It All About?

The current state of civilization and our influence on the rest of the natural world are the cumulative result of human choices made one person, one decision at a time.

We are forming the future one person, one decision at a time.

Every one of us. Every decision.

This is because every choice we make alters the web of possibilities that surrounds each of us. The web is a little different for each of us, as it is influenced by our knowledge, our abilities, our experiences, which are all individual, as well as the cumulative influence of everyone else’s choices and the physical realities of the natural world.

The web of possibilities is the totality of what is possible for each of us: what we can do, and what we cannot; what we can know, and what we cannot; what we can achieve, and what we cannot; what can happen to us, and what cannot. The web of possibility is constantly changing, based both on our choices, and the choices of others.

Generally, our choices and the choices of those nearer to us influence the web more than those farther away from us. But every choice alters the world at least a little, sometimes a lot.

This web site hosts an exploration and discussion about this web of possibilities.

The currently active thread is about how to recover our political power. To join that conversation click on “Neighborly Democracy” under “Categories”.

In the near future there will be two more threads, “1 for 2 for 4” focused on bringing world population in line with sustainable living, and “Maximum Wage” about just compensation and distribution of wealth. Look for them under “Categories”.

You are invited to join in.

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